CEO’s commentary

Feb 28 , 2020

CEO’s commentary


Q: What was the last year like for business in the real estate industry and what are the 2020 prospects?

A: Last year was certainly better than 2018 for us. The industry was turning the corner away from the political shocks of 2017/2018. Additionally, the illiquidity in the market over the past two to three years had made the pace of property developments both commercial and private very slow. However with the removal of interest rate cap we expect a fairly quick recovery. As a business, we are looking forward to an even better 2020 and hope to reinforce our position in the market as we enter our eighth year of operation. We have lined up some new products into our stable in an effort to expand our offering to clients. 

Q: How does the provision of statement interiors change the real estate space?

A: The real estate market here has been evolving over the last 15 years. Buyers are now a lot more informed and exposed, through travel and the internet, on new innovation and global trends within the interior design space. They want to make statements and create identities with how they design the spaces they occupy be it home, entertainment and leisure space or office. Buyers also have plenty of options now for property compared to a few years ago. This means developers have to be creative with how they design spaces and must try to meet these emerging needs for them to sell. We design and offer interior solutions that plug this market gap. 

Q: What is the year ahead looking like for Italian Kitchens? Any news?

A: We are rolling out a new medium-term strategy that has a lot in store for our clients and we will be talking more about it soon when we roll it out. In the meantime we are working hard every day to be true to our value proposition that combines quality, price and execution.