Electronic controls
The electronic system Logic control and Intelligent system take control Intelligent system of the cooking process, while you are reading your favorite book or watching a favorite show.
There is a recommended temperature for each cooking mode, but you can always change the temperature to your needs.

Telescope system
Many of our ovens are equipped with the Telescope system. This system ensures the gentle removal of the trays, resilient up to 15 kg. You can take out the trays also during the cooking.
According to reports of our customers is the Telescope system very convenient and easy.
If your oven is not equipped with the system, you can order it separately .

Electric rotisserie
The using of the electric rotisserie make your favorite dishes taste delicious.
Depending on your culinary imagination you can use the rotisserie together with the infrared grill. This combination will lead to the superior cooking results.
The infrared grill is ideal if you like to cook fish, steaks or toasts in the oven. If you like to eat crispy dishes, you can fry with gap open oven door or using the fan.

The numerous functions of the ovens allow the quick and delicious preparation of your favorite dishes.The
ovens F12 Biturbo and F14 Biturbo are equipped with the all modern features.
With these functions, you can adjust the oven individually, quickly and accurately.

Comfortable and pleasant control
The most ovens are equipped with an ergonomic touch-screen control, from simple three-button touch control
to the electronic Full touch control.
The cleaning of the surfaces of the ovens with full sensor operation is very simple and fast, because there are no convex buttons.
The ovens are equipped with comfortable , ergonomic and elegant door handles made of solid metal.
Many models of the ovens are equipped with recessed PUSH knobs. In combination with the touch screen control it offers the high serviceability

Easy clean ― enamel Nickel FREE
The interior of many ovens is coated with the Easy Clean enamel Nickel FREE.

This enamel has the following features:
▪ Durable coating with long service life
▪ Easy care. Similar to pyrolytic cleaning, but at lower Temperatures
▪ Suitable for nickel allergy sufferers
▪ Hygienic
▪ Environmental Friendly
▪ Gloss, smoothness, color, weather and temperature resistance
This coating guarantees a healthy eating and easy cleaning of your oven.

Pyrolytic and catalytic cleaning
A permanent self-cleaning through catalysis cleans the hard to reach areas of the ovens as ceiling and rear wall: the fat and sauces splashes can not be removed easier and more convenient. All of the fat substances will be
catalyzed, evaporated, and eliminated at the temperature above 200 °C.
The interior of the oven with the pyrolysis function will be heated to the temperature of 400 °C. All organics will be decomposed by the heat and their molecules will be destroyed.

Recipes table
On the inside of the oven door you will find the recipe table.
It helps you to find the required function and time to cooking of your favorite dish.

Cold front of the oven
The doors of the oven have a special design. They are equipped with the double or triple glazing. This ensures good insulation, so that the front of the oven always stay cool.